Dvyne Organics LLC is a mother-daughter team who started out making joint cream for those suffering from joint pain. The creams can be purchased at www.theabilityprogram.com.  After helping thousands of others in pain; LaTasha was indeed suffering from depression and insecurities within herself due to traction alopecia.  The trauma began 12 years ago when she got her hair done for her friend's wedding.  She got an up-due with weave and hair glue as she had done several time before. However when it was time to wash her hair the glue malfunctioned and the hair track would not come out with the normal methods (shampoo, conditioner, glue remover).  In desperation, she yanked the track out and her hair follicles came out with it.  She thought "it was just hair" and it would grow back but to no avail even with steroid injections.  After years of torment, LaTasha began to pray and ask God for a way to re-grow her hair.  Together, under God the duo team with extensive research formulated a hair oil using organic herbs and oils which focused on opening closed follicles.  The Traction Alopecia Oil was used and tested by LaTasha herself. Used with a combination of a daily multivitamin, lots of water, patience and prayer, she began to see hair in those once closed areas.  They learned that healing comes from within.  If your body is lacking nutrients, the calp cannot get the nourishment it needs to grow healthy hair.  If your scalp has endured trauma such as (tight braids and hairstyles); re-growth is possible with time.  Be patient and know  that healing comes from the leaves.  Ezekiel 47.12.  Start with our hair oil/vitamin combo package to begin your healing journey.