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Introducing our extraordinary Golden Butta Salve, a pinnacle of natural wellness designed to provide unparalleled relief for those seeking comfort from knee pain, swollen tendons, ligaments, and even the challenges of mending broken bones. Crafted with care, our salve combines the finest ingredients to create a luxurious and effective solution for your unique needs.

🌿 Key Ingredients:

  • Olive Oil: Infused with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, our salve deeply nourishes the skin, offering a natural source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hempseed Oil: Abundant in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hempseed oil supports joint health and provides essential nutrients for optimal skin care.
  • 2000 mg CBD Isolate: Harness the power of pure CBD isolate, carefully sourced for its potency and known benefits in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Solomon Seal Root Powder: A time-honored herbal remedy, Solomon Seal Root Powder contributes to the salve's efficacy, offering additional support for joint health and recovery.

🌈 Benefits:

  • Targeted Relief: Our Golden Butta Salve is specifically formulated to address knee pain, swollen tendons, ligaments, and support the healing process of broken bones.
  • Intensive Moisturization: Olive oil and hempseed oil work in tandem to moisturize and soften the skin, promoting overall skin health.
  • Natural Healing: Solomon Seal Root Powder enhances the salve's natural healing properties, aiding in the restoration of comfort and flexibility.

🌿 How It Works:

  • Gently apply a small amount of the Golden Butta Salve to the affected area.
  • Massage in a circular motion until the salve is absorbed into the skin.
  • For optimal results, use regularly as part of your self-care routine.

🌟 Why Choose Our Golden Butta Salve?

  • High Potency: With 2000 mg of CBD isolate, our salve offers a powerful concentration of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • All-Natural Formula: Free from artificial additives, our salve is a pure and natural solution for your well-being.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for targeted relief, whether you're managing knee pain, swollen tendons, ligaments, or recovering from a broken bone.

Elevate your self-care routine with the Golden Butta Salve — a golden touch of nature's goodness for a life of comfort and mobility. Experience the remarkable synergy of premium ingredients, expertly blended to bring relief to your specific needs and promote a sense of rejuvenation in every application.

  • Comes in a 2 oz jar.  Made with love. Licensed to sell and manufacture our products.  No Refunds. Please review your address information upon submission. Please email us on the contact us page with any questions or concerns  Allow 5-10 days for shipping. Not FDA Approved.  Please discuss with your physician about using CBD products.