Traction Alopecia Hair Growth Oil

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Traction Alopecia Hair Growth Oil is formulated to nourish the scalp and restore moisture to hair follicles. Its unique combination of natural plant oils, selected to create a synergistic effect for the treatment of traction alopecia, boosts scalp health and encourages hair growth. This professional-grade oil delivers visible results with regular use.

Dvyne Organics Traction Alopecia Hair Growth Oil is made with 100% pure organic herbs and oils which specialize in follicle stimulation to regrow hair. It soothes scalp inflammation, restores moisture and strengthens hair by reducing breakage and shedding. If you need to regrow edges we have you covered. Using Organic Brahmi powder treats temporary baldness in areas where hair has been thinned out or reduced. 

Traction Alopecia- Hair loss due to repetitive tension (braids, hair weaves, excessive pulling, glue, etc) on the hair. 

Multivitamin- Hair growth starts from within.  Many of us are vitamin deficient which is the main reason hair will not grow back effectively after hair loss. Taking a daily multivitamin along with our Traction Alopecia Oil and lots of water will improve the hair growth process.  Because we focus on hair that has undergone trauma please give it time. Vitamins alone take 90 days to reverse any deficiency.  Stay the course.  

Directions:  Please apply a grape size amount on clean hair and rub thoroughly on scalp 3-4 times a week.  Style as usual.     


Herbs: Nettle Leaf, Fenugreek, Amla, Ginger, Rosemary, Cloves, Brahmi, Horsetail, Vetiver Root, Licorice Root, Hibiscus Flower, Curry Leaves, Rose petals, Senna Flowers, Spanish Cherry Flower, Screw Tree Pods, Sweet Flag, Myrobalan, Black Cumin Seeds, Alkanet, White Turmeric, Babchi Seeds, Henna Seeds. 

Oils-  Grapeseed Oil, Onion Oil, Avocado Oil, Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, peppermint oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, thyme essential oil. 


Peanut Allergy:  Product Contains Fenugreek seeds: DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE A PEANUT ALLERGY. 


Bottles come in 2oz /59 ml and 4oz/118ml (one 2oz bottle is a one month supply).